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Proper documentation enjoys priority in all our property transactions. We have a team of experienced personnel who do thorough screening of all the relevant documents pertaining to the property. Before we initiate any project, we troubleshoot for potential complications and parallel claims on the property and also weed out any loopholes and ambiguities. Furthermore, all our documents pertaining to the property offered to you are supported with knowledgeable legal opinion. Even in the unlikely event of an unforeseen problem or dispute, we shall stand by you and intervene on your behalf to solve the problem and save you from further headaches.
All our projects are formally launched only after obtaining license and fulfilling all mandatory provisions. Initiating a project without legal clearance is a bad business practice as we will not only lose customer confidence, but also it can halt our project and cripple us financially.
As per standard practice, we take responsibility for all maintenance functions for the first year after completion of the project. This lock-in period is necessary for solving teething problems which are normal in the first year. The cost of this maintenance during this period is paid for from the Advance Maintenance Fee which is factored into the purchase price of the apartment and maintained as a separate account. Any surplus left over in this account is passed on to the corpus of the Residents’ Society which is formed at the end of the first year and which is responsible for future maintenance of the building and common facilities through collection of monthly subscription from all the individual residents. After this stage, though we are no longer legally liable for routine maintenance of the building or common facilities, we shall be glad to voluntarily make available our good offices for solving any problems that you might encounter with regard to the above.
On completion of the lock-in period of one year, we shall call for a meeting of all the residents of the building for a formal document handing over ceremony. During this meeting, we shall initiate the formation of a Residents’ Society with a President, Secretary, Treasurer and other office bearers who are nominated through consensus or through election, as desired by the residents themselves. The Society’s first responsibility is formulate the bye laws and other constitutional structures required for smooth functioning in the future.
While our professional standards dictate that all our buildings incorporate sound architecture, planning and engineering inputs, we also take great pains to ensure that all these are done according to the tenets of the ancient science of Vaastu Shastra. As we believe that a home is not just a shelter, but rather it should be an abode of happiness, we seek the advice of a knowledgeable Vaastu Shastra practitioner to guide us regarding the right way to design the building and ensure that your home is 100% Vaastu compliant.
Our deep rooted commitment to quality pervades every aspect of the apartment. All our construction materials are sourced only from the best manufacturers, whose credentials are backed with ISI / ISO quality certifications. Fixtures, fittings and so on which are installed are only from the best brands available in the market, which are known for their quality and most of which come with necessary warranties. Furthermore all the quality specifications, including the brands to be used, are itemized and listed during the time of signing of the sale agreement and become a part of the sale deed. As the buyer of the apartment you are free to visit our project site at any time and inspect the progress during the construction stage.
As we have signed a sale deed, we are legally commitment to deliver the promised product. Those who avail home loans, the involvement of financial institutions is an additional legal protection. If you have any lingering doubts, you may consult a lawyer to screen the sale documents to satisfy yourself regarding your financial security. However, we are proud to say that your best safeguard is our impeccable track record of 20 years and our rock solid market reputation as one of the most trusted builders in Mangalore. You only need to ask one of our existing home owners to get a forthright endorsement of our credentials.
The price of an apartment is determined by various factors like land value, construction cost, design, development and promotion costs. Of these, the highest is usually the land value as land is scare in Mangalore and prime location land is even more expensive. As we offer projects only in the most desired locations, naturally the high cost of these prime properties adds to the price of the apartment. The positive aspect of this is that land prices only go up and rarely fall. Hence the value of your home, though apparently high initially, will keep escalating even after you become the owner and will most likely multiply several times in the years to come.
Once you have purchased the flat, you are the legitimate owner of the property and are free to do what you please with it. If for any reason, at any time, you no longer wish to be the owner of the flat, then we can help you to find a new owner for it using our extensive sales network. Our help desk can no only help you to resell the flat, but also lease it out on rent, if you so desire. A standard sales commission will be applicable for both services.
All safety issues are addressed right at the design and planning stage of each project. We are also legally bound to comply with all statutory safety provisions and obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the fire department before commencing construction of the project. Matters like night watchman and appointment of professional security staff are met by us during the first year and then on are usually addressed by the Residents’ Society once the building is handed over to the residents.

Our Vision

At Land Trades, our vision is to be the industry leader, a prime mover among the builders in Mangalore, who create landmarks and set benchmarks in professional excellence leading to customer centric orientation of the industry. We are inspired to act only in the best interests of society at large and any initiative that we take or innovation that we make should impact directly in betterment quality of life in general and improvisation of urban infrastructure in particular.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create residential and commercial space, flats and apartments in Mangalore of the highest quality, both tangible and intangible, and enable a conducive habitat for human living that most closely meets people’s need for a place they can call ‘home’. To this end, we are committed to dedicate all our resources – material, intellectual and spiritual – and honour our customers’ faith in us to meet their needs in an earnest and professional manner.


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