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At Land Trades, we understand that the basic objective of business is to meet human needs. Businesses that succeed in this objective enjoy people’s confidence and flourish in the long run. Being the leading builders in Mangalore, we take pride in our Mangalorean heritage and feel an instinctive commitment to the community which has given us birth.

Creating excellent housing solutions – which includes the best apartments in Mangalore - for people to live in is our call of duty. In this task, we are guided by the highest industry standards which have evolved over the years in deference to the better interests of society.

We maintain transparent functioning and contribute valuable revenue to the exchequer through full compliance with all our statutory financial obligations.

Adherence to environment friendly business practices, maintaining good neighbourly relations in our project localities and wholehearted support to community activities are some of the other ways in which we fulfil our aspiration to be good corporate citizens.

Land Trades’ strong belief in good governance is also reflected in our integrated and inclusive vision which acknowledges that business organizations are a part of society and commercial activity should go hand in hand with community development. Our commitment to give back to society, a generous portion of our earnings has seen us contributing to various social causes, all of which should go unnamed in line with our policy of silent service to humanity.

So flats in Mangalore promoted by Land Trades come to you with the added satisfaction of having all social costs well met.

Our Team

Team work is vital for an organization to function consistently and deliver predictably. A well trained and well networked team is an asset for any organization. Over the years, Land Trades has developed a professional team dedicated to the common goal of achieving leadership through excellence.

Land Trades was born out of the lifelong passion of our founder Mr Shrinath Hebbar, who is a first generation entrepreneur having over three decades of hands-on experience in this field. His visionary leadership, tremendous zeal and self confidence, uncompromising discipline and devotion for honouring customer confidence are the main inspiration for our work culture and ethos.

Our top management, comprising key decision makers, is adequately supported by a team of support staff, which includes engineers, designers, marketing executives, accounts people, customer service executives and admin personnel.

At the operational level, our business associates include dedicated teams of construction contractors, architects, engineers, designers, chartered accountants and legal experts specializing in property matters who work with us for the seamless functioning and flawless execution of our projects.

Our Vision

At Land Trades, our vision is to be the industry leader, a prime mover among the builders in Mangalore, who create landmarks and set benchmarks in professional excellence leading to customer centric orientation of the industry. We are inspired to act only in the best interests of society at large and any initiative that we take or innovation that we make should impact directly in betterment quality of life in general and improvisation of urban infrastructure in particular.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create residential and commercial space, flats and apartments in Mangalore of the highest quality, both tangible and intangible, and enable a conducive habitat for human living that most closely meets people’s need for a place they can call ‘home’. To this end, we are committed to dedicate all our resources – material, intellectual and spiritual – and honour our customers’ faith in us to meet their needs in an earnest and professional manner.


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