Client's Speak

  • “ This is Dr Rajeeth Shetty Badur, Anesthesiologist based in Qatar. I have been a long time customer of Mr Shrinath Hebbar and land trades. let me share my experiences. We were introduced to land trades by Dr Jagadish, Oral surgeon Mangalore... ”

    Dr Rajeeth Shetty Badur, Anesthesiologist, Qatar
    Maurishka Palace Block “A” 2202

  • “ A satisfied customer is as unpaid advertiser”. When a person is thinking that he must get good treatment and facilities from others, he will try to provide the same to others. When a person run after money he puts himself down....”

    Mr. Victor Pinto, Kulshekar
    Maurishka Palace Block “B” 804

  • “ Commenadable, model flat shows the quality and dedication of the builder. Progress is as per schedule and I wish Mr.Hebbar all the best with gods blessings for much prosperity. ”

    Mr. Allen Fernandes, Mozambique, South Africa
    Maurishka Palace Block “A” 1004 & Atlantis “1102”

  • “ Extremely good & knowledgeable staff. Highly co-operative and professional as the owner of this building. Construction is very good, well deserved for the CRISIL rating. Well thought planning of the house, very spacious. ”

    Mrs. Poornima Salian
    Maurishka Palace Block “A” 1303 & 1403

  • “ Co-operative staff and good construction. ”

    Mr. Joy Furtado
    Maurishka Palace Block “B” 1401 & 1407

  • “ Good consultation, good office ,good construction. ”

    Mr. Tony Peris
    Sai Grandeur Block “B” 902

  • “ Good progress & construction. Good co-operation from on-site engineers and office staff. ”

    Mr. Gopalakrishna Rao
    Maurishka Palace Block “B” 2006

  • “ Excellent Service and help from Keerthan and Babitha in the Site. ”

    Mr. Terence Alvares
    Maurishka Palace Block “A” 1808

  • “ Work quality and Standards are highly appreciable. ”

    Mr. Ravi Shetty
    Maurishka Palace Block “A” 503

  • “ Excellent Service and Good Work Progress. ”

    Mr. Desmond Dsouza
    Maurishka Palace Block “A”407

  • “ Pleasantly surprised with the professional service both at Site and Office, Good work in progress. ”

    Mr. Udaya K Shetty
    Maurishka Palace Block “A” 1608

  • “ Very pleasant and helpful staff. Good quality construction. ”

    Dr Mahesh Santhraya
    Maurishka Palace Block “A” 1807

  • “ Very helpful and pleasant staff, knowledgeable very impressed with what I am seeing now, worth the buy. ”

    Mrs Shyamala Rao
    Maurishka Palace Block “A” 2004

  • “ The progress appears to be as per schedule. The work progress quite good and wish you all the best. ”

    Mr. B J Kamath
    Maurishka Palace Block “B” 1702

  • “ Excellent work standards. Very nice co-operation & presentation by the site staff Babitha Shetty. Except a better finish than Sai Grandeur. ”

    Mr. Jayram Kodialbail
    Maurishka Palace Flat #A 1902

  • “ Good work. Well done. Keep it up. ”

    Mr. K.R.Shetty
    Maurishka Palace Flat #A 1008

  • “ The construction quality is very good, schedule is as promised. The floor plans are very good. Sudeep is very knowledgable and explained the options, floor plan details in detail. Very satisafactory.... ”

    Mr. Shankar Bhat
    Maurishka Palace Falt #A 1103

  • “ Good progress at work. Mr.Aithal has explained patiently. ”

    Dr. Sham Bhat K & Dr. Vidya Bhat
    Maurishka Palace Flat #A 1105

  • “ Work appears to be on schedule. Babitha has explained the progress very well. ”

    Dr. Narayan K
    Maurishka Palace Flat #B 705

  • “ Quite happy with the progress so far, work is going on as scheduled. Would like to see an excellent construction. Mr.Sudeep was very helpful in explaining construction progress. ”

    Mr. Vivian Rodrigues
    Maurishka Palace Flat #A 1701

  • “ The plan is excellent, space is used well with excellent finish. Wood work neatly done. Keep up the good work. Hope to get the flat completed in stipulated time. ”

    Mr. Nobert Saldhana
    Maurishka Palace Flat #A 1104

  • “ I was on the lookout for a house when a friend recommended Land Trades to me. Within two days of seeing the house I was able to close the deal. Everyone was surprised. Mr. Srinath Hebbar is sincere. Whatever he promises he delivers.... ”

    Mr. Kiran Koppalkar
    CGM, Materials & Information Systems, MRPL